Fulton's homepage

Hey, I'm Fulton Browne, a programmer, Hiker, and general nerd. Most of my programming stuff currently centers around UNIX, cryptography and Lisp. I value software simplicity, security, and user privacy.
My code is hosted here
My blog is here
Some pictures I've taken
If you want to send me mail send it to fulton at this domain. This web page is made with coffee, run on the Debian operating system

Books I'm reading

The Stange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Hikes I enjoy

I love hiking and exploring Talledega NF and really any National Forest, Park, or trail I can find

Software I use

On my machines I run Debian Linux and OpenBSD.

Music I enjoy

I mostly listen to post punk and alt rock. Spotify playlist

Sites and blogs I enjoy

Great site, has lots on UNIX, Plan9, and software simplicity
A friend of mines music Just an awesome site in an intresting "notebook" format
Drews blog - lots of great content
Tech/science news
My sister Helen's dog website
My friend Christian's blog