Fulton Browne

Software I like to make computers do what I want and to do it to the letter. That's called programming and I love it. I used to do frontend stuff but I don't like js and I got sick of it quickly not to mention I have the design skills of a dragonfly. Backend development is more my thing but now I'm starting to dip my toes in to systems development, drivers, and UNIX/Plan9 software development.


I've always used UNIX my mom got her first mac when I was 2. In fact I tried to make apps for it multiple times using applescript. I started using linux when I was 12 and never looked back... That was until quarantine I finally left my nvim/Gnome/Ubuntu enviroment for vi/i3/ubuntu then switching to arch (BTW). During my experience with arch I found the suckless site and switched to DWM moved my laptop to KISS linux and my desktop to Gentoo. With kiss linux I started to see the beauty of shell scripts and the way UNIX was designed. At about this time I had to abandon my most successful project for financial reasons.

Then I found cat-v. At first I had blown cat-v off as a bunch of weirdo vim haters but after using more and more suckless things I started to read there site. After about 10 minutes I was ready to start using plan9. At first I didn't love it but kept in the back of my mind and would play with it every now and again. Then I finally installed it in qemu on my gentoo machine and LOVED it. I tried to install it on my laptop but I got an odd lockup after about 20 seconds with graphics so I was able to debug my first 9front issue which led me to learn even more about plan9 and even learn a couple of things about the kernel. And that's where I am now. A plan9 user working among others to improve the plan9 ecosystem and software library.